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IX CLASS Coaching

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • English
  • Comprehensive programme designed exclusively for class IX.
  • Imp:- Teaching faculty comprises of CBSE Experts having vast experience in teaching Class IX Students.
  • Imp:- Thoroughly prepared notes with glossary and assignments to be provided for each chapter strictly according to CBSE guidelines.
  • Strengthening the foundation of the students basic concepts involving Mathematics, Science, Social Science & English.
  • Imp:- Interactive Classroom Discussion and teaching by Projector/LCD to ensure better student involvement throughout the study programme.
  • Interactive CD’s and software based on Science experiment to be shown on LCD/ Projector for better understanding about the subject.
  • Full year performance record maintains & reviewed periodically to ensure improvement.
  • Imp:- Regular feedback of the student’s performance by interacting exclusively with parents and sending computerized report cards sent every month.
  • More emphasis on weak areas after evaluation and working on it rigorously through doubt removal sessions.
  • Emphasis on overall Time Management throughout the study programme.
  • Classes on alternate day basis of duration 60 minutes.
  • Flexibility to take up more classes than designated through Flexi Batch system.
  • Individual sessions with teacher as per need of the student.
  • Availability of the teacher during all school examinations to handle individual doubts.