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Leaders In CBSE Coaching Since 2004

ACHIEVERS A name that inspire trust when it comes to educational servios for school students, we are group that has taught, mentored, coached and guided hundred of students over the last 13 years.


ACHIEVERS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES – Our name speak for itself. we provide educational services to students in the East Delhi –NCR region, and in the process, are strive to create true achievers.


We specialize in providing coaching classes to students of class IX to XII CBSE. Our extensive experience of past 13 years means we know what to teach and how to teach.

  • IX - Science, Maths, English, Social Science
  • X - Science, Maths, English, Social Science
  • XI - Maths, English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies
  • XII - Maths, English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies


We are driven by and unending desire to excel, In the process of creating excellence. we have proudly Introduced several services unheard of in this area. Salient of them include : -

TECHNOLOGY : We are well equipped with the state of technology needed for 21st century learners. At a time when students use gadgets and are technology savvy ,it is very important to guide and teach them with latest technologies.
Projectors : We use state of the art projectors in classrooms to teach students through audio video aids. We use lot of movies and online content to make difficult concepts easy for the students.
Recorded lectures: Our Lectures are recorded through our state of the art full HD studio , which ensures that if a child misses any class, he/she can easily view that again . It helps a child during revision also.
Visualizers: We use latest technology in our classrooms to ensure that child’ s learning is a unique experience . Our state of the art Visualizers help both our teachers and students to remain engaged in a classroom.

PLANNING : Full year course planned in advance Notes, Assignments and test form an integral part of courseware Course based system

FACILITIES : The faculty plays a very important role for any organization to perform well for students. Our Faculty is highly qualified, experienced and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding CBSE results. Our Teachers are CBSE experts and have vast experience of guiding and motivating students. We have proper trainings for our teachers periodically to ensure that they are updated and give best to our students.

FEEDBACK : ERP : Our ERP manages the entire student attendance and performance on real time basis. Parent and student get feedback on daily basis about the topic, assignments, tests, scores, attendance. It all happens with a click of a button.
APP : Our personalized app is listed on play store which can be downloaded by android and apple users. It includes daily notifications, attendance, updation about class notes and assignments, tests and feedback. The best part is that it helps in maintaining a digital folder of all Tests and assignments.er
Parent teacher meetings: We regularly meet Parents to give them exact feedback about the child progress and focus on how to work together to ensure student’s success.